11: Steven Gardner — Swimming to a Different Conclusion

water-103817_1920In 2009 I jumped into a pool after my 2-year-old had fallen in. Between the time I jumped and the time I got to him, I had time to wonder if he would need CPR, if I knew CPR and time to have a quick memory of a family I knew growing up.

This story was part of our Oct. 1, 2015 Story Night. The night’s themes were those that could be found in Jonathan Evison’s book, The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving. The book was the featured title in Kitsap Regional Library’s “One Book, One Community” program for 2015.

10: Megan May — Confronting an American demon

piano-640334_1280How tragic is it to go to one of your favorite places on earth and there learn that some of life’s ugliness can make an appearance. Just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Megan May saw racism for the first time and learned that while she hadn’t noticed it before, it had been present.

Megan is a Kitsap Regional Library employee and frequent storyteller at Story Night. This story comes from the Sept. 2, 2015 Story Night event. The theme was “offended.”

9: Lorinda Esposito gives a hand

SNimpossibleDespite being born missing one hand, there didn’t seem to be much of anything Lorinda Esposito could not do. That included executing justice on fellow second-graders who doubted her abilities and taunted her.

The real hero of this story was Lorinda’s mother.

The schoolyard is home to many of our outdoor memories. On August 6, 2015, Esposito won the Story Night event themed, “The Great Outdoors.” At 11 minutes, she showed that a longer story doesn’t have to feel longer.

8: Two thirds a tough job

osaka-castle-183446_1280Two stories about work make it to this podcast, one that requires long sleeves and another out of Osaka, Japan that shows just how tough a job it can be to laugh.

Rosi Farley makes a return appearance on the podcast in the second story. Scott Park, the first storyteller, used the July 2, 2015 event to make his Story Night debut. The two participants tied for third.. The theme of the night was “Summer jobs or temporary jobs.”

6: Jo Walter — Just lucky, I guess

SN6It was March and St. Patrick’s Day was coming so what other choice did we have but to use “Lucky” as the night’s theme? Unfortunately, Jo Walter isn’t sure she believes in luck. Fortunately she told a story anyway. She was the night’s winner.

In this story Jo discusses some of the bigger challenges her mother faced, and then the ones she faced as an adult, describing the most difficult period of her life.

We’re glad to be back offering the podcast and plan to continue bringing you more stories from our events on a more regular basis.

Lucky you!

This week’s podcast is sponsored by the book Surpasses Understanding by Vicki Talmage. One day Vicki’s decision to not go home at her father’s command saved her life. For more information go to vickitalmage.com.

5: Josh Farley — A grandmother’s defiance and devotion

SNgmarevengeWho am I to say how justice gets meted out? A woman loses the love of her life for a few years and her way of exacting revenge is to bring home an ash tray.

Josh Farley tells the story of a grandmother who spent more time with him than almost any grandmother other than the ones who raise their grandkids. Josh’s grandma fed his curiosity and every so often revealed one character flaw.

This week’s podcast is sponsored by the book Surpasses Understanding by Vicki Talmage. One day Vicki’s decision to not go home at her father’s command saved her life. For more information go to vickitalmage.com.

Music in this podcast comes from Sammy Kaye and U2.

4: Steven Gardner — That’s no caroler

SNep4In 1996 I was faced with a dilemma. I could whine like a little baby or try to do what I could to make my wife glad she married me as we faced our first Christmas together. I concocted an ingenious scheme that would prove my worth as a man, and even as a person. That things didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped was beside the point.

This week’s episode is sponsored by my book, Spill Your Guts’ Guts. Music is by the Vince Guaraldi Trio, Johnny Cash and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, accompanied by the Orchestra at Temple Square. The illustration here is by Sascha Gardner.

Happy Holidays, everyone.

3: Alison Loris — The Xanax Club

0003SNcoverAlisonLorisWhen Alison Loris was selling patchwork in Seattle, her mother created a collection of friends who eventually named themselves “The Xanax Club.” The fact that they all took the drug for anxiety attacks is an obvious detail. But taking the drug didn’t make them special. It’s the agreement they forged that made them a club.

In this podcast I also invent a word. “Relection.” It means “memory” or “recollection.”

Alison’s story was recorded live at the Manette Saloon on Dec. 4, 2014. She won the contest that night.

This episode was sponsored by the book Surpasses Understanding by Vicki Talmage. When Vicki was just becoming an adult she received a phone call at work from her father. He demanded she come home right away. Because of a fellow employee Vicki did not go home immediately. She is alive today because of it. Her mother and her two brothers are not. They died at the hands of the family patriarch, who killed them and himself in the moments between that phone call and when Vicki finally did get home. Surpasses Understanding tells that family story, and how Vicki overcame that tragedy. To find out more, go to VickiTalmage.com.

2: David Nelson — Yeah, sure, I know how

0002SNcoverDavidNelsonIn between his junior and senior year of high school David Nelson told his boss he knew how to use a stick shift. He proved he didn’t, nearly causing severe damage to a building. What stopped it from being worse is the surprise in this story.

This episode of the Story Night podcast was sponsored by the Macris Realty Group, a part of the John L. Scott Real Estate company. Based in Snohomish County, Washington, the group has been honored multiple times as the best in client satisfaction in Seattle Magazine. To find out how to access a team of experts that will help make selling or buying a home easier, go to Macrisrealtygroup.com.