challenge, goal, Story Night, storytelling, BremertonThe only reason this story seemed relevant for the podcast was because it was timely and reflected another challenge we’re undertaking.

We’re moving. This move was 90 percent necessary. As much as we’re moving into a new home, we’re moving into a new situation that represents growth for us. So, I’ve been working steadily in any spare moment I had in the last few weeks making this house in Silverdale emptier and the one in our new place fuller. As of this post we’re a few days away from spending the first night in our new place. A new chapter, to borrow a cliche.

Thanks for indulging me. The story was off the cuff, clearly unplanned and probably touched on something few people cared about. I hope you could at least relate. Surely, there’s a beard in your life.

The song for this episode is You’re My Home by Billy Joel.

Thank you for listening. We look forward to hearing your story.

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