0003SNcoverAlisonLorisWhen Alison Loris was selling patchwork in Seattle, her mother created a collection of friends who eventually named themselves “The Xanax Club.” The fact that they all took the drug for anxiety attacks is an obvious detail. But taking the drug didn’t make them special. It’s the agreement they forged that made them a club.

In this podcast I also invent a word. “Relection.” It means “memory” or “recollection.”

Alison’s story was recorded live at the Manette Saloon on Dec. 4, 2014. She won the contest that night.

This episode was sponsored by the book Surpasses Understanding by Vicki Talmage. When Vicki was just becoming an adult she received a phone call at work from her father. He demanded she come home right away. Because of a fellow employee Vicki did not go home immediately. She is alive today because of it. Her mother and her two brothers are not. They died at the hands of the family patriarch, who killed them and himself in the moments between that phone call and when Vicki finally did get home. Surpasses Understanding tells that family story, and how Vicki overcame that tragedy. To find out more, go to VickiTalmage.com.

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