Axel Mundi and his parents did what they were supposed to do. They invested in his dream. Months later it seemed that investment had come to fruition. Years later it looked like it should have been a scam. If only it had been.

Axel told this story at Story Night in April 2016, when the theme was “Seemed like a good idea at the time.” It seemed like something, that’s for sure.

Since telling that story, Axel, who was a Story Night regular in the audience, moved to Southern Utah. We miss him. He was a great presence at our events. We hope all is well in the desert.

Thank you for listening. We look forward to hearing your story.

2 thoughts on “23: Axel Mundi — Not a Salesman, Obviously

  1. Thanks for running my story on the blog. I sound terrible. I think on that night I thought of the story after I had actually gotten to the event. I am trying to watch the upcoming themes with the idea of writing something that you might read as one of your occasional pre-written stories. Best regards to all.


    1. Hi Axel! Great to hear from you. I loved your story and thought you told it perfectly. I hope all is well in Southern Utah. My brother and his wife live in St. George. My wife’s sister and her husband live in Hurricane. Feel free to send what you’ve got sometime and we could make it part of one of our nights. Thanks for your story and for reaching out. I hope you get to visit us someday.

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